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Monel 400 Thermal Spray Wire / Metco Monel / PMET 877 solid wire

Thermal Spray Wire


Monel 400 welding wire is designed for spraying in arc spraying and flame spraying systems. It produces a good absorbent coating with excellent machinability. The Monel 400 has excellent corrosion resistance, especially in seawater and corrosive environments. Monel 400 is an austenitic nickel-copper alloy (CuNi alloy) used in arc and flame spraying systems. The alloy produces a dense, well-bonded coating that resists high-temperature oxidation and corrosion.
Typical applications of Monel 400 are corrosive gas protective coatings, protective coatings against scaling in conventional low-alloy steels, and stacking coatings for dimensional repairs

Supply  Size: 1.2mm /1.6mm /2.0mm /3.2mm or Customized

Product Detail

  • Protection against sulfuric acid environments at temperatures up to 600 °C (1100 °F) for applications such as industrial chemical crystallizers, dryers and vaporizers.
  •  Corrosion protection for machine elements such as steam valves, pumps, seal rings and plungers.
  • Resists saltwater corrosion for components such as vaporizers and petrochemical crude oil distillation towers.
  • Protects immersed machine elements from saltwater corrosion, particularly for applications where a surface harder than typical galvanic coatings is required.
  •  Corrosion protection for chemical and desalination plants
Grade Ni Fe Cu C Mn Si Ti
Monel 400 ≥ 62 ≤ 2.5 28-32 ≤ 0.15 2-4 ≤ 1.2 1.5~3.0
Grade Density Melting Point
Monel 400 8.83g/cm3 1310°C
Typical Hardness Bond Strength Deposit Rate Deposit Efficiency Machilityineab
HRB 84 4310 psi 10 lbs /hr/100A 70% Good